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FACE MAPPING - Expert skin analysis that dramatically enhance the effectiveness of every treatment and homecare prescription.
EXPRESS SKIN CARE TREATMENT - A perfect blend of cleansing, a customized masque, toning and moisturizing for people on the go.
DEEP CLEANSE - A deep cleansing treatment for men and women with oily skins and blemishes.
CLASSIC FACIAL - Double cleanse followed with an exfoliation, relaxing Face massage and a revitalizing masque.

FACE THERAPY -The drainage movements are excellent for sinus problems. Has an excellent revitalising effect on tired dull skin.
FOOT REFLEX THERAPY - Excellent for the relief of swollen ankles and fluid retention.
SCALP MASSAGE THERAPY - Excellent for relieving stress induced headaches and for relaxation.
BACK THERAPY - Recommended for everyone to relieve stress and tension.
HAND THERAPY - Excellent for relieving tension and for relaxation.



DERMAL HYDRATION - Unsurpassed firming and toning, leaving the skin feeling revitalised, supple and hydrated.
ENVIRONMENTAL CONTROL TREATMENT - This treatment involves deep inhalation techniques and special massage techniques for the environmentally sensitised skin. It soothes irritations, itching and redness.
MULTIVITAMIN POWER TREATMENT - For the latest in vitamin repair and hydroxy acid exfoliation, designed to treat environmentally damaged skin and to improve skin tone and texture.
BACK FACIAL - Detoxify, exfoliate and nourish your back. All the specialities of a deep cleanse with the added benefit of a 15 minute back massage.
EA 35 TREATMENT - This treatment is the ultimate in skin rejuvenation.
DERMALOGICA EXFOLIANT SYSTEM - Ideal to control excess oil production on skins prone to breakouts.

HALF-A-SPA - Need to escape for a few hours? Let us exfoliate you back, followed by a 30 minute Back & Neck Massage, rounded off with a 15 minute Scalp Touch Therapy. Then follows a Classic Facial and a Pedicure.  Snacks included.
SPA DE LUX - Forget the hustle and bustle for a day - Have a Back Exfoliation, an hour Full Body massage followed by a 15 minute Scalp Touch Therapy.  Then experience a Customized Facial with a Hand and Foot Exfoliation  and Massage, followed with a warm Paraffin Dip on your Hands and Feet.  Lunch included
DERMALOGICA ULTIMATE SPA EXPERIENCE - Complete dry brushing, followed by a Mineral Salt Exfoliation and a Back Pack to warm the muscles. Aromatherapy and drainage massage then follows on the legs and back with pressure point massage on scalp and feet. Followed by a Customised Facial.
HOT SPA - Experience total relaxation with a Back Exfoliation followed with an hour Hot Stone Massage and a Scalp Touch Therapy. Then experience total bliss with a Hand and Foot Exfoliation and Massage, with a warm Paraffin Dip on hands and feet. Day ends with a Classic Facial.  Includes a snack.



This treatment is the ultimate in acne management because it targets current breakouts while helping to prevent future breakout activity.

Most powerful Dermalogica treatment that controls the main biological triggers that lead to skin aging. Help firm, smooth, nourish, regenerate and energize.



Effective Treatment for moderate to severe pigmentation.  Home care essential

20 minute targeted treatments for those short on time but still value a professional treatment.



HYDRO-ACTIVE MINERAL SALT SCRUB - Mineral rich sea salt, dried seaweed and fruit enzymes combine to smooth and silken the entire body.
TOTAL BODY WELLNESS - Complete brushing is followed by a mineral salt exfoliation of the back and a customised back-pack to warm the muscles and detoxify and remineralise the skin. Aromatherapy and drainage movements are then done on the legs and feet to reduce fluid retention and fatigue. Specialist energy balancing and stress reducing movements are performed on the back to provide a deeper level of relaxation and to diminish aches and pains. Then follows a unique pressure point massage for scalp and feet.
THERMAL BODY WRAP - Complete dry brushing followed by energizing Sea Mud wrap or Power Recovery masque. Treatment finishes with a shower and Body Hydrating Cream.

BODY MAPPING - Customized skin assesment for the entire body.
SWEDISH MASSAGE - A deep massage technique for stress reduction and relaxation.
AROMATHERAPY MASSAGE - Rebalance, revitalise and relax with this ancient therapeutic treatment. It combines elements of shiatsu, reflexology and swedish massage.  
THAI FOOT MASSAGE - A combination of Reflexology & massage with  a Thai Foot Stick to unblock the Meridians and revitalize the body as
a whole
REFLEXOLOGY FOOT MASSAGE - Research indicates that the reflex zones of the feet affect the levels of stress, wellness and energy in the body.
INDIAN HEAD MASSAGE - Stress releasing around neck, scalp and face. Excellent for sinus and migraine sufferers.
PREGNANCY MASSAGE - Recommended to all mothers-to-be from 12 weeks to 40 weeks pregnancy.



CLEAN START EXPRESS - Opportunity to understand the importance of basic skin care routine.
BREAKOUT FREAKOUT - A deep cleansing treatment specially for teens with oily skins and blackheads.

GOOD TO GO - Promote removal of toxins to re-texturise skin tone. Includes G5 and essential oil massage.
ULTIMATE SHAPING - All the benefits of Good To Go plus a full body Detox Wrap & invigorating shower.

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